If you are in search of bilingual therapists (English/Spanish), you have come to the right place! We have therapists ready to help you or your clients in a journey of psychological healing and into a fulfilling and meaningful life. Below we have provided a description of their services so that you can choose a therapist according to your individual needs.

We love referrals! Please pass along to colleagues and friends.

Ascend Counseling Services
Innael Miranda, MPA, CAC III, CTCTS
CEO and Therapist

Contact Information: innael.miranda@gmail.com / Ph. 720-230-3326

  • We offer English and Spanish counseling services for adults and adolescents. 

  • We specialize in addictions, anxiety, anger management and trauma. We offer counseling for people in recovery and support services for family and friends of people in recovery. 

  • We offer as well training and clinical supervision services for counselors and other professionals.

Hopeful Days, LLC
Millie M. Villafane, BS, RP, CAC I, CSAT, CSPT, CSST, CST, CCT
CEO and Therapist

Contact Information: yourhopefuldays@gmail.com / Ph. 720-437-9181

  • We provide bilingual counseling services for children (5 and up), adolescents and adults.

  • We are certified in Art Therapy, Play Therapy, SandPlay Therapy, Sex Therapy and Couples Therapy.

  • Some of the areas we treat are trauma, anger and stress management.
The Colorado School For Family Therapy